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Equine Fusion Hoof Boots

Equine Fusion - Way of thinking

Our goal when developing and promoting flexible and elastic hoof shoes is to enhance the welfare, soundness and performance of the horse.

Equine Fusion products is based on the following statements:--

Selecting the right hoof shoe for different applications, will have great impact on the horse’s welfare, soundness and performance.

A flexible and elastic Jogging Shoe is better for the horse than a hoof shoe or boot made of rigid material.

We believe this will always be the case in the long term and in almost any applications. By rigid material we mean traditional metal (iron) shoes, hoof boots made of hard plastic/ lesser flexible materials and any type of glue-on shoes.

Equine Fusion strongly believe that in most cases a flexible and elastic shoe will be an advantage;

  • A. During light training and maintenance of the hoof
  • B. For less demanding use (not necessarily competition)
  • C. For applications outside arenas with surface variations
  • D. To achieve variation during training
  • E. For rehabilitation purposes

Also there is the obvious advantage by not needing to repeatedly applying nails into the hoof for fastening a traditional iron hoof shoe or fastening by gluing on fixed plastic shoe (damage to the hoof and the horse’s health, in addition it is time/ cost consuming).

The horse's hoof is a dynamic structure that adapts to the ground surface to create perfect balance, stability, cushioning and grip. The Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes are designed to work with the hoof to support this natural function through the flexible, elastic sole and unique fastening systems.

The natural hoof functions in short:

  • Carry the horse’s weight
  • Feel the surface contact/ interaction
  • Ensure sufficient grip
  • Resist wear
  • Achieve cushioning
  • Support blood flow